Baby Vacation

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We are one week away (hopefully) for John Grayson coming into this world!!


And since I stopped working a few weeks ago to relax (which we all know I don’t know how to do) before JG gets here, I thought it is time to make it official. So without further adieu I am taking a blog vacation and most likely a social media hiatus as well for a few weeks!

I have sooo many recipes like arancini, pimento cheese, lemon poppy seed muffins, salmon with capers and dill and creamy zucchini & Parmesan spread to share with yall! And pictures to go with them but….I am having writer’s block. I have full on baby brain!  And when I say baby brain – this post took me like an hour to write because the words just aren’t coming out haha!

So next time you hear from me I will be a mama!! Until then – keep in touch and I will be back!

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  1. We’re gonna miss you Lauren! XOXO! Cannot wait to see the baby! YAYYYYY!

  2. That’s a great idea! Take the time to focus on (and enjoy!) yourself and the little one ;) Congrats again and hope all goes extremely well.

  3. ahh so exciting Lauren, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown! please keep us posted as to when your little bundle of joy enters the world – stay happy & healthy doll!! xx

  4. Yep, keep us posted and congrats Lauren.

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