Top Recipes of 2016

Maybe I am just not ready for 2017 so I figure let’s take one more look back through this year’s top recipes before we dive into the new year.

#10 – Maple Glazed Donuts – Still can’t believe this was the very first time I ever made donuts

Easy Homemade Maple Glazed Donut Holes | Hall Nesting

#9 – Cheese and Charcuterie Board – Glad this one made the list because there is nothing I love more than a meat and cheese board (and wine)

How to assemble the perfect cheese and charcuterie board

#8 – Turkey Pot Pie Soup – You know it has to be a great recipe when it was just created a few months ago and it was this big of a hit.

This Turkey Pot Pie Soup recipe is simple and made from scratch.

#7 – Vodka Sauce and Sausage Pizza – I’m so surprised that I only created one pizza for yall this year since we have it all the time in our house. Don’t worry I’ll make up for it this year.


#6 – Honey Mustard Brussels Sprouts – I’m sure the hubby will be glad these made the list.

Honey Mustard Brussels Sprouts - the perfect side dish to any meal

#5 – Salsa Casera – If a Mexican dish didn’t make this list I’d be shocked!!

Salsa Casera (Simmered Fresh Tomato Salsa)

#4 – Shrimp Pad Thai – A reader asked for this a long time ago and I finally got around to making it!

This restaurant style Shrimp Pad Thai can now be made in the comfort of your own home!

#3 – Tequila Sunrise Margarita – If you haven’t figured it out this is a mix of my favorite drink and John’s.

This Tequila Sunrise Margarita is refreshing, sweet, and perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any summer celebration

#2 – Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll Ups – These are probably my favorite thing I made this year. So if you haven’t tried them yet you need to!

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll Ups - an easy week night meal your whole family will love

#1 – Banana Pancakes – John Grayson would be thrilled that this is the top favorite of 2016 (if he understood what that meant) because Banana Pancakes and Blueberry Pancakes are his all time favorite thing!

The best Banana Pancakes! Fluffy, light and the perfect way to start your day!

Don’t forget to check out previous years to see what else has been a big hit (and still is) – 2015, 2014 (guess I forgot about), and 2013.

I already got some cocktail, breakfast, and vegetarian recipes coming your way. But what else do you want to see for 2017?

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  1. Well, these all sound utterly DELICIOUS. I’d like to try them all… but especially those Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll Ups!

  2. What a great collection! I am LOVING that turkey pot pie soup!

  3. What a fabulous collection!! Everything looks terrific!!

  4. I want to eat each one of these recipes today! I really love the cheese board!

  5. What a wonderful collection of recipes and that margarita is definitely calling my name!

  6. You had one delicious year! So many fantastic recipes!

  7. Angie | Big Bear's Wife says:

    That turkey pot pie is one of my very favorites! I also love the little pie crust decorations on tip!