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100th Post

I can’t believe that this is my 100th post. Thank you to everyone who has been following me. I definitely have come far from the beginning from life as a newlywed & my recipe of the month to multiple recipes throughout the week and few tidbits here in there about our home life. My goal lately has been to work on my food photography, so one of these days I will bite the bullet and get a super nice camera! Until then deal with the Canon and iPhone pics.


But this post got me to thinking about what I love about cooking and food so much? 

I love using my Henckels Santoku knife that I got as a wedding present to slice through an onion. I don’t enjoy the tearing up part as much though. I love watching the onions caramelize and the aroma that fills the kitchen. I love deglazing the pan with a beer like Guinness and hearing the sizzle. I love adding them on top of a fresh piece of bread I bought at our local bakery and topping it with cheese and seeing it melt and take form over the onions. I love watching all the ingredients come together to make something as simple as a sandwich turn into a Guinness Caramelized Onion & Roasted Turkey Grilled Cheese. All of this just to make the perfect bite. And watching others enjoy each flavor as much as I do because they know how much love I put into cooking.


But the main reason I love cooking is how much it can bring people together. John and I have had many Supper Club groups over the years, and I have made some wonderful memories in the kitchen with friends & family.


So whether it is for our Kennesaw or Auburn Supper Clubs, a cheese dip & movie night in with Kathleen, Katie, and Lauren; La Parilla with the Gilmore Girls (of course more cheese dip is involved); cooking with our favorite neighbors Jordan and Stuart; having Abby, Abby, Jordan, Rebekah, & Mackenzie help me get ready for one our many Hall House parties; now loving to be in the kitchen with my mama who use to beg me to cook with her; cooking with my friend Ashley when she would come in town for work; cooking with my Aunt Kitty who is the one who actually got me into cooking (aka helping me make my first meal ever in high school); cooking our fancy favorite steak & mushroom dish with John;   cooking a family dinner for John’s parents when we lived in Birmingham; or now “adopting” two of John’s coworkers into our family and cooking together every Wednesday up here in Indy…(obviously I could go on for weeks about all the memories I have made in the kitchen)…
But it really all boils down to food being my passion and cooking for those I love being good for my soul.