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A New Addition

As you can see I have been MIA from my blog lately. Well there is a reason…some of you may already know this but if not I have a bun in the oven! And not the cinnamon roll kind. This is an answered prayer for us and we are thrilled to be expanding our family by another pair of feet!!

Baby Announcement

There is a slight problem though. The baby is not a foodie like it’s mama just yet. Hence not wanting to cook, look at pictures of food, even get on twitter because most of the people I follow share stuff about food. I am 11 weeks and the only cravings I actually have had are chicken salad and turkey. Luckily nothing too crazy yet.

My sneaky plan to announce this sweet baby on the blog did not work as well as I had planned. I had all these posts ready to go with recipes, pictures, and content so that no one would notice I am not posting 2-3 times a week. Whether you have noticed or not, I could not even get onto the blog without feeling queasy.

So for the past 5 weeks I have cooked only twice. Shocking isn’t it? I have either picked up salads, some sort of take out or resorted to PB&J sandwiches (that is about the attention span I could give to cooking). John swears he lost a few pounds due to this and then I thought he was going to have a stroke when he came home to Fiesta Chili last week. This was the first and only time I have been able to cook, other than putting a sweet potato in the oven a few weeks ago with some pork John grilled.

I am slowly making my way back into the kitchen, so bare with me my first trimester is up soon and the morning (technically it really has been evening) sickness is slowing coming to an end (or at least it feels like it), knock on wood. This baby has to come into the world as a foodie!

Christine @ Cooking with Cakes

Wednesday 13th of November 2013

Congratulations Lauren! Such an exciting moment. Hopefully the sickness well ease up soon, but don't worry - the kitchen is right where you left it!

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