About Me

Hey yall!

I am Georgia peach who moved to the Midwest for a couple of years (Indy) and now am living in the Heart of Dixie. I try to make simple dishes so that you can find recipes that everyone in your family can enjoy – from the wee little baby, to the picky toddler, to a mom who is a healthy eater, and last but not least a spouse who will luckily eat almost everything put in front of him.

The story…(aka how Hall Nesting came to be)

I started off blogging as a journal for my newlywed life. I would occasionally post my weekly dinner menus. Then, a few sorority sisters asked me to post some of the recipes. A couple months later it became a food and family blog. I am a wife & a mama to a sweet little boy, a baby girl and 3 puppy dogs.

You Get the Hall part (last name)…Now why nesting?

Everyone says you go through a nesting phase during pregnancy. Well while I found that to be true for me, I believe I innately nest all the time. I like to find a space and make it mine, more comfy, more organized, etc. So I like to think of our home (specifically my kitchen) as a nest. Like a work of art my nest is constantly changing to meets the needs and whims of this chef.

Why a love for food?

Most people are surprised when I tell them I didn’t even grow up cooking – unless you consider me licking the batter when mama would make muffins. As soon as I had my own apartment, I realized I wouldn’t survive with just takeout meals. So I started cooking!  I found experimenting in the kitchen was fun.  Now, my passion is letting people gather in the kitchen while I cook for them!  Since I am a busy mother of two, I do not get to do this as often. But whether it’s a big family style dinner with lasagna, garlic bread and some wine, or having friends over to eat some French dip bites for the big game, or hosting a Mexican dinner party with my favorite queso – my kitchen allows me to share my love for food with others.

Other Ramblings

You will quickly find out about my love for cheese.

I go on lots of tangents when I write, sometimes about all the tv shows I watch

I love Auburn football (my wedding colors were orange & blue)

I love the color lime green (especially integrating the color into my kitchen gadgets)

I have an obsession with cookbooks – my Mama rolls her eyes every time I get a new one

I love cleaning & organizing but only when I am not on a deadline. PS I’ll cook you food if you come clean the dishes (the worst part of being a food blogger – or at least to me).

Let’s Connect

Talking with my readers is one of my favorite things – you can also catch me over at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you are a brand or an advertiser looking to work with me, please email me at hallnesting@gmail.com

If you have a specific question about a recipe please comment on the specific post or send me a quick email.

Enough about me – tell me about you! What brought you to Hall Nesting?