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Adobo Grill

Monte Alban
This past weekend was one of those weekends that catered to my every need!
Friday evening John called and said one of his coworkers was going to come over and grill out with us. Saturday we relaxed all day and then went on a date night to the Pacers & Celtics game and to dinner at Adobo Grill. Think fancy Mexican. Now as you know Mexican is my favorite food so I was pretty pumped. Since I have been going through checking off the list of Top 100 Restaurants in Indy. It gave me all the suggestions I needed to order. This list has never let me down on a course to eat. We started with their famous guacamole which they make tableside and add in the amount of heat you desire. We chose medium. Have to admit, John and I both decided it was the best guacamole we have ever had. Luckily I found the recipe on another food blog and am very anxious to try it. My guacamole recipe was just a little different which made me excited to update it. Next was the cheese fundido, metled asaredo with tomatillo salsa. Everyone knows that if a restaurant has cheese dip (Mexican or not) I will order it. For the main entree I got Monte Alban, which was a cilantro marinated skirt steak sitting on a bed of refried beans, guacamole, and sauteed peppers & tomatoes. Divine! And to finish the weekend off we celebrated Easter with some of our new friends. And even made some new ones too (one couple there were foodies also so you know we had a lovely conversation throughout the whole lunch!)
At the Pacers game
Menu for the Week
Mac & Cheese Pot Pies with Asparagus coated in Hollandaise Sauce
Quail topped with a Fried Egg over Creamed Spinach
Beef Braised in Red Wine with a Herb & Cheese Souffle
And since I didn’t have time to make make a Carrot Cake on Easter that I was planning to this will be my goal for the week (this is of course what I am most nervous about since I am not a baker)
Stay tuned next week I will post my Baked Mexican Dip recipe which a bunch of my friends have been begging for! And we are having a Mexican Fiesta party at our house soon- so just in time!