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Beach Trip

I haven’t been able to blog lately but don’t worry that doesn’t mean
I have been cooking. Here is the menu for this week:



Fried Venison Medallions with Feta Dipping Sauce and Stuffed Sweet



Meatloaf & Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes with Espangnole sauce



Chicken Parmesan Panini with Salad & Tomato Basil Vinaigrette





A couple of weeks ago John & I took a trip to the beach around 30 A with 2 other couples. So much fun, sun and great food!

Here’s Rebekah, Mackenzie, and me at our favorite restaurant down there, Cafe Thirty A.




I got the Lobster Tails & Truffled Mac & Cheese with Roasted Red


Then to end the trip, we finished with breakfast at the Great Southern. John got Pecan & Bacon waffles. And I got the Fried Green Tomatoes Benedict. Definitely on my list to try and cook at home.
And my parents just informed me that they are taking a trip to
Seagrove in 3 weeks and we are invited, which 3 things pop in my head when I
hear the word beach: TAN, SHOPPING, AMAZING FOOD!!