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Burger Inspiration

I rarely venture up to Fishers  where John works, mainly because it’s not close to where we live. But on the occasion when I decide to skip my solo lunch dates with my Kindle, I meet up with him and his coworkers for a bite to eat. One place they recently took me was to Scotty’s Lakehouse, a gourmet burger joint in a relaxed atmosphere, definitely mine and John’s kind of place.

For my entree I had a burger topped with poblano cream cheese, blue corn tortilla chips, chipotle mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

We ordered the 7 Tidals Buffalo Chicken Dip for an appetizer filled with chicken, blue cheese, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mild sauce, and hot sauce, served with blue corn tortilla chips and celery. Quite good!

A few weeks after that I was inspired by this burger to try my very own Mexicali burger.




I have never had tortilla chips on hand when making this burger but a few crushed tortilla chips would top this burger off with a perfect crunch!
Menu for the Week
Shepherd’s Pie & Mac and Cheese
Hobo Stew
Dessert: Puff Pastry topped with Lemond Curd and Raspberries