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Ribollita – Tuscan Vegetable Soup

Some days I have nothing to say (shocker I know) hence the quiet blog for days – other days I can’t stop rambling whether it’s about TV shows or food. Originally posted February 5, 2013. Today is one of those combination days. Luckily Mama aka Grandma is in town to help me out with John Grayson while …

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#backinthekitchen with Mexican Chicken Casserole

Yes, I know this was a weird title for my post, but if you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter you probably noticed these hashtags have been on a lot of my posts lately. For the obvious reason…I am “back in the kitchen”. And it is the best feeling ever! Which not to segue too far but …

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Southwestern Hash

This was the other impromptu dish I came up with when John was away last weekend. It was dinner time and I had been mopping floors and cleaning all day. I had planned all weekend for Saturday night to be my night out to grab an early dinner with my Kindle. But in actuality I …

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