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Ribollita – Tuscan Vegetable Soup

Some days I have nothing to say (shocker I know) hence the quiet blog for days – other days I can’t stop rambling whether it’s about TV shows or food. Originally posted February 5, 2013. Today is one of those combination days. Luckily Mama aka Grandma is in town to help me out with John Grayson while …

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Carrot Apple Juice

I don’t know what it is lately but I can’t stop juicing. Vegetable and fruit juices of course. We all know it started with my obsession of Sweet Beet from the Farmers Market, then I made a Apple Pear Kiwi juice  and have been working on a  green goddess juice. But this juice has been added into …

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My First Time to Cook and Glazed Carrots

Most of you ask when I learned to cook or started liking cooking. Surprisingly, besides stirring the pot for my mama or licking the bowl of muffin batter, I didn’t start really cooking until college when I got my own apartment. My passion (okay sometimes obsession) ignited for cooking and learning anything and everything about food though probably …

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