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Party Planner

Our home in Alabama is where we have had many dinner parties, our home in Indiana is famous for our Wednesday night dinners, but I have never thrown a party at my parent’s house before…that was until last week. My daddy came up with the great idea that we should have a party for my …

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100th Post

I can’t believe that this is my 100th post. Thank you to everyone who has been following me. I definitely have come far from the beginning from life as a newlywed & my recipe of the month to multiple recipes throughout the week and few tidbits here in there about our home life. My goal lately …

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Creamy Cajun Pasta Jambalaya

Remember when you first started dating your significant other? One of the things you always worry about (or at least I did) was getting along with their friends. Well I am know I am biased but John’s friends and their lovely ladies are some of the best people in my life! One of the first childhood …

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One of my close friends asked me one day how I come up with my recipes. Well, the process is a combination of things. My DVR is 70% full with cooking shows that I watch on a regular basis, my own cookbooks, I have been handed down a few recipes, and over the years have slowly …

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Country Skillet Corn Recipe

 Do you have a go to menu? One that you have memorized and could do with your eyes closed? Well my two go to dishes are my country skillet corn and three cheese mashed potatoes. Every holiday, first time supper club, dinner party, I whip these up because they are stress free.   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:131]

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Definitely has been a while but in my defense I hosted my first Thanksgiving at our house. It was fabulous! Our menu included my first ever turkey, ham, three cheese mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing, roasted fall squash, seven layer salad, fruit salad, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and tiramisu. It was a success! Menu for the Week: …

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Hall House Restaurant

We helped host a friend’s shower recently and the bride-to-be’s grandmother came up to me saying that every time she leaves our house she calls her family to tell them what I ate. I keep getting wonderful compliments about my cooking and that I should open up a restaurant. I don’t need to open one …

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