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Birthday Celebration #1

Like most girls I celebrate my birthday all month long (and when your birthday is at the end of the month you really do get to celebrate all month). I started out early by purchasing this great mirror for our guest bedroom. Then I got two new pairs of shoes (boots and sandals) But the official birthday dinners …

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Craft Corner

I am known in my circle of friends as the domestic diva (thank you Rebekah). I am obsessed with cooking, love to be the hostess of a party, and on most occasions enjoy cleaning and organizing my house. The one thing I have never mastered though is crafts. I have dabbled with lots of things …

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Homemade Dog Treats

Recently I went on my Friday lunch date with my kindle to explore another restaurant in Indianapolis. As I was actually driving around trying to find a gas station I stumbled upon the Barking Dog Cafe. I figured why not. And it didn’t hurt that their outside tables were lime green 🙂 So I ordered …

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