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Sundays in the Kitchen

We got back from Seagrove, FL yesterday with my family and it was a much needed vacation. Look forward to hearing about all the yummy meals I had when we went down there; oh and yes there was the ocean and beach but let’s be honest the food was 60% of what I was looking forward to. …

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Lists of All Sorts

So I have become quite obsessed with reading food blogs lately. And I laughed out loud because this writer had come up with a list of things he wanted to try to make. The reason this is funny to me, is I have a 3 inch binder full of recipes so I could not really …

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Kitchen presents galore

Even though we have been married for 4 months, the wedding gifts keep on coming. I especially love when they are entertaining or kitchen gifts. Recently John’s parents friends bought us some beautiful glasses. They are a lot more sturdy than other glasses we have like these and the rim color matches our kitchen perfectly. …

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