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Coleslaw for Supper Club

This creamy coleslaw is a Southern staple at any cookout. (Recipe first posted in 2012, updated in 2014). Just like spinach and salmon, coleslaw was one food item that I used to strongly dislike. I still remember the first time I truly enjoyed it was on the dock of John’s family farm a few years ago. …

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A Sweet Treat

One of my favorite shows that I record daily is The Chew. Obviously I watch this one without John since it’s a talk show dedicated to food. A few months back they made a dessert that I knew I had to try. Light, airy, savory & sweet. A perfect combination! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:124] adapted from Michael Symon’s recipe

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Homemade Dog Treats

Recently I went on my Friday lunch date with my kindle to explore another restaurant in Indianapolis. As I was actually driving around trying to find a gas station I stumbled upon the Barking Dog Cafe. I figured why not. And it didn’t hurt that their outside tables were lime green 🙂 So I ordered …

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My Asian Pantry

Since John and I have been married I have gotten on this kick of cooking Asian food. I have always loved Mexican and Italian cuisine but going into a grocery store and finding new spices and sauces for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food has gotten me interested in learning more about the cuisine. So far …

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Music & Margarita Cupcakes

I love music & I love listening to the different genres and memories it takes me back to. Some of my first memories of music are with my dad listening to Phil Spector’s Box Set Album Back to Mono with hits from The Ronettes- Be My Baby, The Crystals- Then He Kissed Me, and and Darlene Love- A …

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Caprese Baked Eggs

For as much time as I spend in the kitchen I rarely cook breakfast. It happens maybe on a Saturday or Sunday but that is about it. So when I came across this recipe on How Sweet It Is I knew I had to try it. One of my favorite go to salads is a …

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Country Skillet Corn Recipe

 Do you have a go to menu? One that you have memorized and could do with your eyes closed? Well my two go to dishes are my country skillet corn and three cheese mashed potatoes. Every holiday, first time supper club, dinner party, I whip these up because they are stress free.   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:131]

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Restaurant Remake – Patachou’s Cuban Breakfast

Earlier this month I told you about going to a restaurant called Patachou in the Park and ordering the Cuban Breakfast. Well I turned it into a delicious dinner and added meat. The highlights of the dish are the quail but also the creamy and delicious California avocados. Don’t let the quail scare you away, it …

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Sundays in the Kitchen

It is not out of the ordinary that I cook something 5-6 nights out the week. But the past couple weeks I have taken my normal Sunday that is filled with checking things off my to-do list and really started relaxing and being still (Psalm 46:10). For those of you who know me this is …

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Mexican Pie

My Mexican Pie recipe is not only a simple recipe to make but holds a dear place in my heart. This is the first dish I ever cooked for John when we started dating. So pair with some white queso dip and tortilla chips and enjoy!! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:154]   Menu for the Week: Sausage & Tortellini Soup …

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