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Craft Corner

I am known in my circle of friends as the domestic diva (thank you Rebekah). I am obsessed with cooking, love to be the hostess of a party, and on most occasions enjoy cleaning and organizing my house. The one thing I have never mastered though is crafts. I have dabbled with lots of things like scrapbooking and painting. But it is not one of my raw talents. Of course Pinterest brings out this side in me thinking I can accomplish all sorts of stuff. So I thought if I put up here what I want to accomplish in the next couple of months, maybe it will happen. It’s kind of like my craft end of the year goals.

Wine corks as Planter labels- definitely have quite a few wine corks. And my herb garden is growing. Cute way to label instead of the plastic tags that come with the herbs.


My Chic Life

Organize my twenty million buttons that I have saved into small mason jars. Despite the fact that the last two buttons I have needed I could not find the replacements.

Source: Craftzine

Since fall is upon us and I will have to move my herb garden (aka my 4 herbs in a huge heavy pot) inside, I have decided to replant them in larger mason jars

Source: Meet Mina


Menu Board- For being such a meal planner the only places that I currently use for menu planning are my phone and a little sticky note on the fridge for our weekly dinners

Source: Remarkable Home Remarkable Home
There is also one painting I am working on currently but can’t put a picture up because it’s a present for a family member…to be revealed soon…Yes, John, I know I have been working on this for about 8 months and no progress has been made. Truth be told, I have until Christmas.

Now some of these were craft projects that I want to accomplish, some were cute organizing things- but that’s kind of a good balance for me. To be honest, I am a better cook than artist/crafter. But luckily I have one friend who can help me out on this end. Look at what I got her to make me for a present to John for his man cave back in Alabama for our 4 year anniversary yesterday and 1 1/2 years of marriage! Thank you Kelly!


And it goes perfectly in the new bookcase John just built for our office.
Isn’t it beautiful?


And his next furniture project for me is a stand up garden that I recently saw at the Indiana State Fair. Perfect to keep all of our dogs off of.