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Creamy Cajun Pasta Jambalaya

Remember when you first started dating your significant other? One of the things you always worry about (or at least I did) was getting along with their friends. Well I am know I am biased but John’s friends and their lovely ladies are some of the best people in my life! One of the first childhood friends I met of John’s was Michael and his girlfriend at the time (now his wifey) Samantha. Let’s just say Sam and I instantly became quite close, especially after we shared our similar dating stories about John and Michael. Like I said at their rehearsal dinner, even though we only get to see them every few months, the moment Sam and I see eachother we scream and run to each other like little kids. John and Michael laugh at us, every single time. But back in Auburn after our inital meeting and instantly hitting it off we decided to do Supper Clubs together since we all got along so well and loved to cook. Well we loved to cook and they would sit around and play with the fire, no literally if we would walk into the room, they had moved chairs right in front of the fireplace and just be sitting there staring at it…EVERY SINGLE TIME. This then of course would be our cue to just go back in the kitchen. Sam and I had many laughs in the kitchen cooking together in Auburn and in Birmingham. Sam likes to say our friendship in the kitchen works perfectly because she doesn’t handled being bossed around but that I am the only person who can when we cook together which is good bc I have never been good about turning that quality off especially when I am cooking (my mama is probably shaking her head as she reads this). Haha. Some nights we would have fancy Supper Club nights of menus

Or one night while cooking the boys wanted to be near us so they brought an iPad to the kitchen table and watched a WWII documentary while we cooked Mexican. I think the real reason they wanted to be near us was to eat the cheese dip

Or when we would be finishing up with with dinner in Auburn, Taylor would always come strolling into the house and end up with the leftovers haha

So In honor of my 100th post tomorrow and one of my all time favorite recipes (besides Mexican Pie) and one of our favorite couples, I thought I would share a recipe we use to dish up all the time in Auburn together.

Baked Brie and Roasted Cherries - Hall Nesting

Monday 24th of March 2014

[…] We got to do a ton of cooking – and the best part was having my sous chef Sam there. We made Creamy Cajun Pasta Jambalaya (and added shrimp), too much fish to name from the boys deep sea fishing trip, Crab Cakes, […]


Monday 25th of March 2013

Yummmmmm! I think I would add nonfat Greek yogurt instead of cream, but other than that, WOAH yummmm!

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