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Decorating Above the Kitchen Cabinets

One of the things I miss back home is my kitchen. This is my all time favorite room of our house. It was the first room I decided to decorate before anything else!

The room I am currently (a very slow process obviously) decorating is the guest room but the last time I went home and was looking at our somewhat empty kitchen I finally put my finger on what it was missing…decor above the cabinets. When John and I moved in, the people we bought the house from were so sweet to leave rugs, side tables, etc for us as a gift to being first time homeowners. The only thing they left that we immediately got rid of were these faux ivy plants all around the house. Mainly on top of the kitchen cabinets. So these have been bare for sometime besides a few pieces of pottery they also left us. I recently came up with the idea of decorating it with a few items to give it some more finishing touches.

Some artwork I have purchased in Indy

Cross stich from my Grandpa Hansen

Some signs I found at an antique store

Printable Art Piece I bought via Esty

Source: Roobbery Lane

 I am also going to attempt making something like this wine cork art
Source: Yum Sugar
 The thing I am most excited about though is I am working on  a collage of favorite recipes from my grandmother, my mama, my aunt and my own
Menu this Week

Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork and Salad

Gnocchi  & Chicken Soup

Remake of Cheesecake Factory’s Pasta da Vinci