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Fall Favorites

What I love most about fall is the food, football, and fall
clothes & colors (and let’s not forget my birthday!) So it all began on
opening week of football by cooking my chili and watching my Auburn Tigers. And
this week I rounded it all out with a shopping trip to Kohls. I was able to get
a cute new top and awesome military style sweater, both in army green (which is
a great color on me when I’m tan- not as much in the winter time). So I am
quite a happy girl. And it’s a month and a half away until my birthday and I
have already created my wish list!

My fun finds

Menu for this Week:

Ciabatta Cheese Steak & Summer Corn Salad

Chicken and Vegetable Soup & Chopped Salad

Red Curry Chicken with Rice and Vegetables

Dessert for the week: Chocolate Covered Cherry Pie