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Foodzie boxes

Many of you know I already participate in the Lean Green Bean’s foodie pen pal program every month, but on top of that I participate in Foodzie now Joyus Food. Before they changed hands they sent a themed box to your house of foodie treats. Now they create videos to learn more about the food you are buying, creating a new way to shop online. So back in June’s themed box was Boardwalk food. A trip down memory lane included Strawberry Vanilla Cotton Candy, Rootbeer, Salt Water Taffy, Pistachios, and Caramel Corn. One of the things that pops in my head is going to the fair when I was little and all the fun food a little kid can get their hands on.
Side note: Now being the foodie that I am there have always been certain things that I say I don’t like and I can’t even remember why. For example, spinach, salmon (as of last week I love it), and pistachios were things that I always claimed to hate. But I would try them every so often just to see if my taste buds changed. Well I love them all now. Don’t worry I still can’t get over even the smell of pickles so that may never change. With all that being said I loved devouring the pistachios  (which until this package arrived I am pretty sure I had never eaten them before but claimed to dislike them- strange being that they are green, my favorite color). I also ate the caramel corn. As for the other treats, they were a little too sweet for me so of course John helped eat those.

Now July’s box was right up my alley. It was a pizza box filled with smoked pepperoni “00” flour for the dough which makes really airy & chewy crusts, black garlic (has more of a sweet-tart taste like balsamic vinegar), marinara sauce, and a pizza spice bend. Just add a few cheeses and I have one yummy classic pizza.

Can’t wait to see what other food delights and new adventures I will come across this month.


Menu for the Week
Salmon with Creamy Cilantro Sauce and Coconut Soup
Breakfast for dinner- Breakfast Casserole, Maple Glazed Bacon Sausage, and Pancakes
Smothered Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries