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Friday Feedings

I might be biased but I think I had some pretty cute Valentines this year.

    1. This is the first year they actually made cards for their friends at school and it was precious. And remember what I told you about our normal vday routine well after almost 7 years of not really celebrating John surprised me with steaks, lobster and oysters! Mama was on cloud nine that night!
    2. Had to take Nova (our first baby) to the vet this week. And it tugged on my heartstrings a little because we used to keep all three dogs inside until we had kids. Am I the only dog mama now kid mama that can relate? 
    3. Thanks to my friend Jessica who does amazing posts about being out of the kitchen I figured I’d get back to my Friday Feedings monthly post. I mean you know I love to gab. She also has gotten me into podcasts. Yes I literally just listened to my first one like two months ago. I am loving Chopped Academy, Focus on the Family – Marriage, and The Happy Hour Podcast. Do you have any other suggestions? I feel like if I had more time by myself I would binge listen like I do with shows.
    4. Speaking of shows I just finished binge-watching Travelers. And I am counting down the months until Jack Ryan comes out on Amazon Prime. Any other new shows new or old you think I should check out?
    5. Before spring comes down the pipeline I got a few more winter recipes coming your way like Fried Pimento Cheese Fritters with Pepper Jelly, this Broccoli Gratin and Seafood Pot Pie (yes I know another pot pie).
    6. Speaking of pipeline..well kinda have you gotten into any Olympics? I became obsessed with watching the halfpipe specifically Chloe Kim and Sean White take Home gold. And did you watch Red Gerard? It was even cooler that he’s the brother of Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest.
    7. Books I am looking at lately – The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook and my sorority sister has one coming out soon about entertaining through the whole year.