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Herbed Cheddar Stout Bread….and an extra surprise

From what I was told my Grandpa Hansen was a great bread maker. When I was younger I don’t remember this, but I was told pretty much every time you left his house you would leave with bread. I think that is pretty cool! Just like homemade pizza dough I always thought making homemade bread would be hard. I think that’s where that “you can’t bake” voice comes in! Well between the Irish Car Bomb Bundt Cake I made for Easter and this homemade bread I think I have squashed that negative voice in my head. I am a baker!!

Homemade bread has been on my food bucket list for sometime now. And since it is Beer Month put on by NY FoodGasm I thought it would be the perfect time to make it! I looked for recipes not knowing where to begin and just thought I would share one that sounded good. But we all know that it is extremely hard for me to stick to a recipe and not make it my own. I found recipes for beer bread, cheese bread, herb bread…you get the point. So I thought how about I find a way to combine them all! And I did!

I started with the herbs – tarragon and parsley. Tarragon is a favorite herb of mine. I know it has a strong taste so I added in parsley which helps with the balance. And then I chose to add in cheese – I mean we all know I am obsessed. John challenged me to cook one week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner without cheese – I failed). But back to why I chose the 2 cheddars – well basically I love the flavor and thought the yellow cheddar would add a pretty color to the bread with the green herbs. As for the beer, I am in no way a connoisseur so I asked my friends for beer suggestions. I chose to use a stout beer because it’s one of John’s favorites.The obvious choice would have been Guinness (which I bake with later). Our best friends (Mackenzie & Chase) recently got married and took their honeymoon in Ireland. While over there Chase found a new love for Murphy’s Stout. And I now see why. When I tried it, I loved how it didn’t have a heavy and bitter taste like other stouts. So try this bread out and tell me what you think!

Herbed Cheddar Stout Bread

Homemade Bread Croutons
Serve with a Beer Cheese Soup
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