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Home Sweet Home

Work has been a little crazy for me these past couple of weeks. But every time I want to complain I really can’t because not only am I blessed to a have a job, but have a job I love and am good at.
All this to say I haven’t been blogging or cooking as much as I normally do. But with all my deadlines done I am back to my old self..spending way too much time reading cookbooks, getting ideas watching cooking shows, and making a huge mess in my kitchen. Life is good!
Wedding season is about to kick off for all of John’s friends. This gets me very excited not only for the marriage of some amazing couples but to finally be back in sweet home Alabama. We haven’t been back since we have moved and we are more ready than ever. John asked me what I was most excited about going back home. And in order I said 1. Family 2. Friends and of course 3. My old favorite restaurants. The thought of having my volcano roll and crab angles at Surin get me way too excited. And I plan on bringing back my favorite cheddar chardonnay dressing from Olexa’s. Also to make this month even greater I have decided to cook a ton of Mexican food. Why you might ask? Other than the obvious reason that it is my favorite cuisine. But one of my closest friends and Partner in Crime, Rebekah is getting married on Cinco de Mayo- why didn’t I think of that? So you know that makes me crave Mexican even more. And one of my other friends Samantha is getting married this month. If you knew our friendship it revolves around supper clubs which means some kind of Mexican or spicy dish on the menu.
Menu for the Week
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas & Southwestern Egg Rolls w/ Creamy Avocado Ranch
Tortilla Soup w/ Baked Mexican Dip  & Jalapeno Poppers
Spanish Pizza & Santa Fe Chicken Salad