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John’s Birthday

This past weekend we got to go home for a wedding and to celebrate my sweet husband and father in law’s birthdays. I was quite excited this year for John’s birthday because I had already decided on what I was going to get him a long time ago. The problem with giving gifts for me is that I give them before the actual day. This stands true for all of his birthday and Christmas presents. This year was no different. I held off until 4 days before. All-time record for me!

The first gift was wood chips. We have a gas grill back in Alabama and decided to get a charcoal grill when we moved up to Indy. And John recently had bought a lot of Mesquite wood chips and Apple wood chips to use when grilling. Both were great, so I did some research and found some small bags for more flavors…Oak, Cherry, Pecan, Maple, Peach. Can’t wait to try them out!

And his big gift was a meat grinder. Since John is a big hunter and usually gets his venison processed somewhere I thought it would be fun to do it ourselves. And eventually make our own sausage.

If you didn’t notice both of the gifts have to do with cooking and food. So they benefit me as well. I am very smart gift giver 😉

Menu for the Week

Loaded Potato Soup & Spaghetti Squash Gratin

Pheasant Pie with Fried Green Tomatoes and Potato Salad

Turkey Cutlets with Balsamic Pears and Iceberg Wedge Salad