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For anyone who has been to our house knows we have a hot tub in the backyard, but the downside is one part of fence does not have as much privacy as the other side does. So what do we decide to do? Put up some hedges. I suggested going to a nursery but John thought lets google “tall hedges for backyard” and see if they can mail them to us. After looking for about an hour and trying to pronounce the names we gave up. Fast forward 2 months and we go to a nursery. Women always have more sense about these kind of things- and it does involve shopping.


Menu for the Week:

Spicy Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup with Pesto Crostinis 
Buttery Halibut with Smashed Potatoes and Steamed Asparagus 
Vegetable Pasta Soup with Goat Cheese & Sundried Tomato Profiteroles with Herb Oil 
Dessert: Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread