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Meet the New Love in My Life

So it’s almost been a month since my last post. And it has been 3 weeks since the birth of our little man John Grayson. He came into this world May 19 at 6:51 am weighing 8 pounds and 12 ounces and measuring 21 1/4 inches.

Labor lasted a long 33 hours – oh ya I feel like a rock star now after accomplishing that. I feel like I could run a marathon – okay let’s not get carried away we are still talking about me – but maybe this year I will attempt a 5K with this new inner strength I feel like I have!

IMG_2542Without further adieu – blog world meet my son John Grayson Hall, Jr. (Just after birth.)

photo 3With the whole family after delivery (minus Uncle Scott and Aunt AK).


In his going home outfit – the same one his Daddy wore to go home after he was born.


Our first family of three picture. And if you haven’t read some of my previous posts before we are actually sitting outside the hospital – the same hospital his daddy built – and the whole reason we actually moved to Indianapolis.

photo 1 (2) One week old. He lost about a pound after we came home and one week later he gained it back and more -weighing in at 8 pounds and 15 ounces. This is him chillin’ right before his newborn photo shoot. Those pictures coming soon.

photo 2

Two weeks old with his daddy.

photo 4 (1)

Today – three weeks old. A special thank you to my mama (Grandmama) and John’s mom (Susu) for basically living with us on and off these past couple of weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you!

My nightly routine has been getting on Pinterest and Twitter during his 1 am feeding. During his 3 am feedings I check my emails and look at my to do list for the next day. I actually began writing this post on my phone at one of his 3 am feedings (it’s amazing how little sleep you can actually live off of) – with all that to say if some posts don’t make sense or you catch a few errors in the coming weeks extend some grace you now know why.

But hopefully I can figure this work from home thing out while balancing a newborn and still blogging on a regular basis. If all goes according to plan (haha who am I kidding I do have a newborn) – but I have an awesome recipe for pimento cheese recipe coming later this week. Why pimento cheese you might ask? Well what better way to celebrate the birth of my son than with some cheese?!

Menu of the Week

Chicken Cacciatore with Mushroom Ravioli
Taco Soup with Poblano Strip Salad and Cherry Margaritas
Ribolitta with Sesame Bread and Creamy Zucchini Parmesan Spread
Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies

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