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Mexican White Cheese Dip

This is the best Mexican White Cheese dip you will ever eat!

Mexican White Cheese Dip

Okay I know that statement is putting it out there but I know my cheese dips and this one is the da bomb! Wow did I just say that? I blame the sleep deprivation from getting up early to study (more about that tomorrow).

Yes I know it’s fall and I am sharing a recipe for cheese dip, but I can justify it by saying it’s a great dip to have while watching football – fingers crossed for my Auburn Tigers this weekend and because it’s my birthday whoop whoop – so you had to have known Mexican or cheese or wine will show up in some form or fashion today.

White Queso DipFirst if you have ever read any of my posts about growing up you know my family frequented this restaurant in Georgia called La Parilla.

This place is full of remarkable memories for all of my girl friends as well. We would ALWAYS meet there. This is where I had my 16th & 18th birthdays, we had our reunions when we came home for weekends from college, my goodbye dinner before I left to move to Alabama, where my friends found out I was pregnant with John Grayson – you get the point.

And when I say we frequented there sometimes it would be a weekly thing. They really knew us by name just as I knew most of their names!

So needless to say this place holds a special place in my heart as silly as it sounds. And yes just like I do with most of my go to restaurants like Surin – I order the same thing here every time. At La Parilla it would be the cheese dip and Vegetarian #4 (bean burrito and cheese enchilada).

The Best Mexican Cheese Dip

So even though my go to cheese dip used to consist of velveeta and rotel – once I figured out how easy this was to make this is definitely a staple at any Mexican dinner night or party we have. And it only has 5 ingredients!

Mexican White Cheese Dip
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  • 1 pound white American cheese diced or shredded
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1/3 water
  • 1 tablespoon pickeled jalapeno diced
  • 1 tablespoon jalapeno juice


  • Pour milk into a microwavable bowl, then add cheese, followed by water, jalapenos and the juice.
  • Heat in 2 minute increments (so it does not burn) and stir.
  • Repeat 2-3 times or until fully melted.
  • Add more milk if you want it thinner and more jalapenos if you would like a little more heat.



Tuesday 10th of January 2017

I love the recipes but you spend way too long gettting to the point. No one wants to read that much opinion to get to what they really want. Just an FYI for future post

mitzi brown

Wednesday 27th of July 2016

What brand of white cheese? Would white velveeta work?

Lauren Hall

Wednesday 27th of July 2016

I would suggest white American cheese - you can find this at the deli counter at the grocery store.

Melanie | Melanie Makes

Saturday 7th of May 2016

I think I'm queso's numero uno fan - this looks amazing!

Lauren Hall

Monday 9th of May 2016

I might fight you for that spot Melanie! Thanks!


Friday 6th of May 2016

This is a perfect cheesy party dip! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Lauren Hall

Monday 9th of May 2016

Thank you it's a favorite at our house!

Meg @ With Salt and Wit

Thursday 5th of May 2016

I love cheese dips!! I cannot wait to try this!

Lauren Hall

Monday 9th of May 2016

Thanks Meg I hope you do!

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