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My Asian Pantry

Since John and I have been married I have gotten on this kick of cooking Asian food. I have always loved Mexican and Italian cuisine but going into a grocery store and finding new spices and sauces for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food has gotten me interested in learning more about the cuisine.

So far My Asian Pantry consists of:

Soy sauce (regular & light)                           Hot Chili Oil

Hoisin sauce                                                    Thai Red Chili Paste

Rice Vinegar                                                    Mirin

White & Black Sesame Seeds                      Toasted Sesame Oil

Coconut Milk                                                  Ground ginger (fresh in freezer)

Shitake Soy Ginger Sauce                             Fish Sauce

Thai Peanut Sauce                                         Chili Sauce with Garlic


So as I was menu planning this week & decided to take stuff out of the pantry and see what I could concoct. We have so much meat in the freezer from hunting, so I decided let’s put an Asian spin on meatballs and toss a bunch of my ingredients together.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:126]
Tip: Buy ginger from the grocery store, peel the outer layer off and then store in the freezer. Use a microplane/ small grater when ready to use.

I only have one Asian inspired cookbook as opposed to my 4 Italian and 5 Mexican cookbooks. So if anyone has a go to cookbook let me know what my next purchase should be to add to my collection (Yes, Mama another cookbook).

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Wednesday 8th of August 2012

I don't have a good Asian cookbook, but I LOVE for Asian meals. I love Asian food too and have approximately 75% of the above ingredients. I made a super delicious stir fry the other week and blogged about it. We put it on our MUST MAKE AGAIN list!

If you DO find a good cookbook, let me know!

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