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My Dream Laundry Room

Most people have a dream house. I do as well but the other day when I was thinking about it the first room that came to my mind was my laundry room. And then thinking of the differences in my laundry rooms from Birmingham to up here in Indy is even more comical. First being the color (see below), second it also serves as the guest bathroom. Yes I know green is my favorite color but as the color of a laundry room that’s a little different than I want. And yes only cleaning one room instead of two might be easier but I just think it’s weird.


So of course on Pinterest I created my dream house and realized the two things I pinned the most were a closet and laundry room.

I definitely would love some shelfs. Not above our washer and dryer though. They are too tall.

Would love a hanging bar to take things out of the dryer right away so they don’t get so wrinkled and if they do still hang them to iron later

If we ever build a house one day I would love some kind of laundry shoot. My grandad has one in his house and as kids we would have so much fun using this thing. Oh, the little things that entertain us. Or this would do as well having the master bedroom next store.

Source: unknown

I have a fold up drying rack but would this not be great to have a built in one? And it’s a better space saver.

 So when we move back maybe we can make a few changes to the laundry room. I have already convinced John to move our meat & drink fridge into the garage to give me more space. Yay! One room at a time! Which room would you remodel if you could?