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October Foodie Pen Pal

When foodie pen pals rolls around I always ask for something local. I love learning about the different areas everyone is from.

I had a great pen pal this month, Katie at From ice cream to marathon!
She sent me Kentucky honey. I had to do a double take at the bottle at first I thought it was bourbon. Either way I am not a bourbon girl. But I got to use it when I made my honey whole wheat bread.

Next was an Artisanal pasta. I am planning on cooking it tomorrow with my tarragon marinara.

Next were these amazing dark chocolate almonds that hit this sweet and savory note that I have been craving a ton lately.

And lastly were these Cashew Nut Crunch which John and I devoured in one sitting. I want to try to recreate something like these great snacks soon. I know John would definitely appreciate it!

So thank you sooo much Katie for putting this together for me, I loved it!

Have I convinced you yet to try out Foodie Pen Pals? If so, hop on over to Lindsay’s page to get signed up! Can’t wait to see who I am paired up with next month.
Check out Michelle from Mind, Body, and Goal to see the Mexican foodie package I sent her!


Thursday 1st of November 2012

That Honey looks yummy {I send tea and Texas honey to almost all of my Foodie Penpals} You will have to post about the pasta it looks really yummy!


Thursday 1st of November 2012

I'm so glad you liked everything! I thought that honey looked like bourbon at first glance too! Your bread looks delicious!

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