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Restaurant Recipes

My friends use to give me a hard time because I would blog about my menus but never post the recipes so slowly I have been getting better. This week for our weekly Wednesday night dinner with the boys I cooked up my famous 30 A Quail & Grits Recipe. Most of my friends know what I am talking about but also know that this is one recipe that I will never share since it was given to me by the Chef of Café 30 A in Seagrove, FL. I mean, everyone has to have one recipe they keep to themselves. Basically one saying comes to mind when I think of this recipe of the grits. Julia Child famously said, “If you’re afraid of butter, just use cream.” I actually use both in this. After eating it, you will need about 5 hours in the gym to work this meal off.

Another recipe I acquired recently was when one of my close friends Rebekah and I took a French Cooking class at a restaurant in Birmingham. We had so much fun and walked away with their recipe for Salmon and Pea Souffle. Divine! Maybe the more cooking classes I take or the food connections I make with chefs the more secret recipes I can take away.