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Soup Galore

So John normally prepares me when he knows he will have a busy work week which means I normally cook a little less so I don’t even leftovers 20 times. But this time I decided I am going to have soup all week which gets me soooo excited. The last soup I made was Gazpacho and it was a disaster. And when I cook something that is awful, I have to find out why. There are two reasons: 1. It could be something I have never tried and is just really not that great of a dish. 2. I have had it at one point and know it is a great dish, but somehow messed it up. I would rather it not be the latter but this last time I messed up big time. I found a blog called Serious Eats where I found an article that analyzes how gazpacho should be made (yes that is the nerd coming out in me). A little wounded from last time but found a big factor of why my attempt failed and made me want to attempt it again. So while John works late I am going to try again so he does not have to suffer through another bad bite.

Menu for the Week


Black Bean Soup

Roasted Tomato & Eggplant Soup

Butternut Squash & Chipotle Soup