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Summer Farmers Market Produce Tips

It’s that time of year that I dread. Well not really, the end of summer does mean the start of fall & football but it also means an end to the abundance of summer produce. I love seeing all the peaches, okra, tomatoes, green beans, berries and corn every week. Yes, the list probably could go on. And I know some of you are thinking but that just means the fall & winter produce are coming in. But let’s be honest, I can only handle seeing a very lackluster farmers market for so long.

Summer Farmers Market

So last weekend I spent a little too much time at the market and probably a little too much money as well (surprise surprise). But it got me thinking about an article I read a long time ago in a cooking magazine. It was talking about how to buy and store your produce so you can get the most use out of it. I have usually used most of my fruit and veggies in a juice if I can’t really cook with it much longer. But I decided to be proactive since this season is coming to an end.


For those Tart & Sweet Berries: Look for ones that are firm. When you get then home lay them all out on paper towels and make sure they are dry. Freeze on a baking sheet, not letting them touch. Once frozen transfer to a freezer bag. Store for up to 6 months.


For that Sweet Corn: Remove husks and silk and then kernels from the cobs. Then repeat same steps as above.



For those Bright and Robust Tomatoes: Make sure the tomatoes are firm. Score a small X on the bottom of each one. Boil until skins start to come off. Transfer to a plate and when cool enough to handle finish peeling all of the tomatoes. Then place in a freezer bag and freeze.



Between all the meat in the freezer and now all of my summer produce I might need to get another freezer.