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Sundays in the Kitchen

Pesto is Italian for “pounded” meaning it used to be made my mortar and pestle but I love making this uncooked sauce in my mini food processor. It is traditionally basil, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic and olive oil. Now don’t get me wrong the classics are always the best but when you can find other alternatives it’s fun to step outside the box. A while back when I started on my kale kick (eating kale chips every day) I decided I needed to change it up a little bit before it became too monotonous . That’s when I found a pesto grilled cheese on Pinterest but saw the pesto was made with kale. And it was perfect. So I made an even bigger batch to freeze for later.


Adapted from: The Perfect Pantry

I made so much that after I made the grilled cheese I made a Kale Pesto  & Summer Vegetable Pizza which quickly became mine and John’s favorite that I have made thus far.
I used store bought pizza dough and covered it with the pesto (about the same amount you normally would with a pizza sauce)and about ¾ c. of your favorite vegetable combinations. I used summer squash, sunburst tomatoes, red bell pepper and zucchini that I had recently gotten at the farmers market. Top it off with ¼ c. mozzarella. And bake as directed.

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