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I would love to travel the world. If I could travel all over the
world I would love to! Going to Italy was the best experience of my life and
then all the amazing scenery and food from our honeymoon. I love food and wine,
learning about different cultures, and taking pictures. John and I joke about
how much research I do on restaurants before we go on a trip. We are going to
Memphis in a couple of weeks for a wedding and already have 2 places we have to
eat at. And next year we hopefully get the chance to go to Brazil for one of
our friend’s wedding!!! Yay food and travel!




Picnic in Florence, Italy



Lunch in Venice, Italy





Honeymoon Dinner in Jackson Hole



This week’s Menu is a taste of different cultures.




Queso Fundido & Tortilla Soup and Fiesta Salad (Columbian)
Chicken Tangine and Greek Nachos (Morrocan & Greek)
Sushi (store bought) with Fried Rice and Spicy Coconut Soup (Asian)
Soupe au Pistou with Ham, Mushroom and Cheese Crepes (French)