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What’s for Dinner? {Menu for the Week}

Summer Vegetable Lasagna – One of the things I started doing to get John Grayson to eat more vegetables is putting it into food that I know he will eat. He is a big pasta fan so since these veggies are pretty much doused in cheese he gobbles it right up. And it is National Lasagna Day soon!

Summer Vegetable Lasagna

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork – We eat leftovers quite frequently for lunch so whether it is a whole chicken or a pork shoulder we know there are going to be a few meals from it. And we discovered recently that Amelia is a big fan of bbq. So toss the leftovers into a grilled cheese, pasta, or salad and you are good to go!

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pecan Crusted Snapper with Potato Cakes and Green Beans – When John’s cousin Jessica comes over I know we will cook up a feast. We literally brainstorm all week long on what we want to have.

Dessert: Red Velvet Cake – John’s Grandmother is known to have the perfect recipe for this. And I have been tasked to recreate it. So I’m going to give it a whirl!