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After church on Sundays if I haven’t done our grocery shopping we try and find a little hidden gem to go eat at. One afternoon we were driving home and we saw YATS, a Cajun Creole restaurant. John of course was elated because the last time we have had some great cajun food was when we were in New Orleans back in January for the National Championship football game. Then I got even more excited when I saw it was on my list of restaurants to try in Indianapolis. YATS has a rotating menu with things like jambalayas, red beans & rice, and gumbos. The chef came out to greet us and told us the favorite entree that never comes off the menu is the Chili Cheese Etoufee with Crawfish. Knowing that, John and I both ordered it…just in case we liked it so much and didn’t want to share. Trust me this has happened…okay maybe I am the only one who does it. So sue me I am only child (my silly excuse). The chef was right though it didn’t disappoint. A little much for lunch and then later I found out why. A stick of butter is in the recipe of course.  But we will definitely return to this little joint in the future!